La 3ème Défense (301) en 2018

La Classe Défense à l’assaut de la Semaine des Langues

The defense class – Francis Carco Junior High School

A 3- year partnership between the B crew of the vessel d’Entrecasteaux and Francis Carco Junior High School was signed on October 26, 2016.
Thanks to this partnership, pupils have been able to collaborate with the French Navy, discover military sites and jobs, meet the sailors and their missions for two years.
What is it ?
The aim of the “defense” class is to discover the world of defense in general. Thanks to different participants, we can immerse ourselves into different areas of the National Defense, police and “gendarmerie “, firefighters and the Army (air force and land force).
The partnership also enables us to visit and collaborate with the vessel B2M d’Entrecasteaux. We are sponsored by a member of the crew ; a few articles have been written and published on the school website.
How to be admitted in this class.
To be accepted in this class, candidates have to write a cover letter showing their honest, frank and sincere motivation and take an interview with a few teachers. Required qualities are : being united, hard-working and friendly ! No troublemakers admitted !
Why we like this class.
It’s an “extra-ordinary” class and we are proud to be part of it !

301 - Defense class 2018

Mise à jour : 30 mai 2018

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